Southern Obedience Dog Club Co-Op Ltd.

56 Soden Rd Bangholme Vic 3175,   Phone 03 9772 2152








Members Testing Day 15th Nov 2015 Congratulations to those who were upgraded and congratulations to those who were almost upgraded. Also congratulations to those who just turned up to have fun with your dog.
Testing Day Results CCD 1st Mark Richards - Max - Border/Kelpie 2nd Lola Cini - Levi - Australian Shepherd 3rd Pauline Porter - Hamish - Labradoodle NOVICE 1st John Kilby - Jess - Labradoor 2nd Mark Richards - Max - Border/Kelpie 3rd Les Kovach - Quinn - Australian Shepherd Beginners to Pink 1st Galina Shvetsova - Bouran - Rottweiler 2nd David Brewster - Hamish - Golden Retreiver 3rd Fionna Boulton - Sally - Border Collie Pink to Green 1st Kimberley Shirley - Adala - Beagle 2nd Mark King - Lola - Standard Poodle 3rd Lola Cini - Hawk - Australian Shepherd Green to Yellow 1st Deborah Kent - Emma - Douge De Bordeaux 2nd Tamara Spinelli - Axel - Border Collie 3rd Helene Toohey - Libby - Golden Retreiver Yellow to Blue 1st Scott Brown - Pepa - Kelpie 2nd Chris Caulcutt - Rebel - Rottweiler 3rd Stephen Trewin -Jedda - Border Collie


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