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Wednesday Day time training will resume on Wed 15th August 2018




A rally obedience course will be set up for practice every Sunday and every Wednesday night
This is a simple variation to traditional obedience which is a lot of fun. Feel free to use the course and if you have any questions how it all works just ask. The course is changed on a regular basis so there is always a bit of a challenge thrown in. The important part is HAVE FUN!

Members please note training tickets can't be purchased on credit card as we have a minimum purchase of $10. Also no training ticket unfortunately means no training.




If you are training more than one dog but in one activity ie: Obedience activities including Rally
you only need one training ticket. If you train your dog in Agility/Jumping then train in obedience
in the same session you will need a training ticket for Agility/Jumping and another for Obedience/Rally.



You can now use the grounds to train your dog at night.
A token will be required. These are available to members at the office at a cost of
$10.00 and they will provide 30 minutes of lighting from the pole at the end of the veranda.
Do not attempt to use coins (they will not work). Training must end by 10.00PM

Wednesday day time training takes a break for Winter

Wednesday daytime training will take a break for the Winter months. Last day will be 31st of May,
and it will resume on Wednesday the 23rd of August.




There has been cases of Parvo and Ringworm reported by local Vets in the area.

Keep your vaccinations up to date and keep a good eye on your fur kids.
Paralysis ticks have also been found just outside the main Metro area. (Not far away).

News from the Trials

Tracking at Haddon 22/7/17


The Aussie Shepherds of SODC had a great day at Ballarat Obedience Dog Club tracking trial at Haddon. Quinn and Les gaining a test 8 pass for a Tracking Champion Title. Cruise and Ross gained a Test 4 Pass putting Cruise well on the way towards a TDX title. Good day out.




25th June2017.  MVA Obedience Rally Agility Herding Tracking etc.


MVA Week End


There was a lot of trialling fun at KCC park at the MVA (Most Versatile Aussie) RTB trial. It involved Conformation, Herding, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility & Jumping. Stars of the weekend were Birdie Carlson and Dallas with two Open passes including Highest score in trial. Ross Carlson & T.J. were hot on their heels but a whisker off the pace on scores, but also with two Open passes. They also gained two Rally Excellent passes and a Title. Sue Kovach & Archie gained a CCD pass and a Rally Advanced pass in the morning followed up by another CCD pass for a CCD Title for Archie in the afternoon. Les & Quinn got a second place NQ in the morning but just having fun in the afternoon with Lola Levi & Hawk joining in.

Congratulations also goes to Jan Anderson and Willow on passing Test 3 and gaining Tracking Dog title. Congratulations also to Esther Smedley and Sky who on Saturday at the Eastern Suburbs Tracking Trial, passed their Tracking Test 3, and gained their Tracking Dog title.

17th June2017.  Hastings Obedience Rally Trial


Lorraine & Danny did it again. Both AM & PM trial at Hastings today they were fantastic. Winning their events & gaining Highest Southern Member . Congratulations on some amazing results, Danny gaining CDX Title






Bendigo Obedience Dog Club Tracking Trial.


Sue Kovach earned a pass in Test 8 gaining Tracking Champion Title for Archie.





Queens Birthday Weekend in Morwell Obedience Rally Trials

Congratulations to Birdie and Dallas first in open and highest score in trial,
Ross with TJ second and third Karen with Harry, plus Karen and Harry got a pass in Rally Excellent with a fourth place in the am trial. Southern 1, 2 and 3 well done. No news from today's trial as yet.






Queens Birthday Weekend at Haddon GSD Tracking Trial

Congratulations to Les Kovach and Quinn on gaining Tracking Dog Excellent title.





















Congratulations to our newest Aussie Shepherd duo Dizzy & Aria who passed from Pink to Green tonight. Great work mums with two magnificent working dogs.






















End of May grading







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